How to Help

Requests is under active development, and contributions are more than welcome!

  1. Check for open issues or open a fresh issue to start a discussion around a bug. There is a Contributor Friendly tag for issues that should be ideal for people who are not very familiar with the codebase yet.
  2. Fork the repository on GitHub and start making your changes to a new branch.
  3. Write a test which shows that the bug was fixed.
  4. Send a pull request and bug the maintainer until it gets merged and published. :) Make sure to add yourself to AUTHORS.

Feature Freeze

As of v1.0.0, Requests has now entered a feature freeze. Requests for new features and Pull Requests implementing those features will not be accepted.

Development Dependencies

You'll need to install py.test in order to run the Requests' test suite:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ py.test
platform darwin -- Python 2.7.3 -- pytest-2.3.4
collected 25 items .........................
25 passed in 3.50 seconds

Runtime Environments

Requests currently supports the following versions of Python:

  • Python 2.6
  • Python 2.7
  • Python 3.3
  • Python 3.4
  • Python 3.5
  • PyPy 1.9

Google AppEngine is not officially supported although support is available with the Requests-Toolbelt.

Are you crazy?

  • SPDY support would be awesome. No C extensions.

Downstream Repackaging

If you are repackaging Requests, please note that you must also redistribute the cacerts.pem file in order to get correct SSL functionality.