If you have questions or issues about Requests, there are several options:


If your question does not contain sensitive (possibly proprietary) information or can be properly anonymized, please ask a question on StackOverflow and use the tag python-requests.

Send a Tweet

If your question is less than 140 characters, feel free to send a tweet to @kennethreitz, @sigmavirus24, or @lukasaoz.

File an Issue

If you notice some unexpected behaviour in Requests, or want to see support for a new feature, file an issue on GitHub.


I'm more than happy to answer any personal or in-depth questions about Requests. Feel free to email


The official Freenode channel for Requests is #python-requests

The core developers of requests are on IRC throughout the day. You can find them in #python-requests as:

  • kennethreitz
  • lukasa
  • sigmavirus24